Monday, January 2, 2012

Barge in the Mist

I love perfect mornings when I plan ahead, get up super early, drive a long time to the perfect location, and capture a spectacular sunrise with beautiful, saturated colors and interesting light patterns.

This was not one of those mornings. 

Barge in the Mist
My friend in Olympia, WA is not a photographer herself, but she's great at finding interesting photo subjects and fantastic viewpoints that I just fall in love with. Whenever I go down to visit, she has an itinerary of fun places to go and new things to see. She loves to show off her city, and this suits me perfectly. 

On my last visit, she came up with a fabulous early-morning vantage point. This park overlooks a small puget sound inlets and is surrounded by beautiful resort and marina lights and backed by a snow-covered mountain range. None of that was viewable in this super-dense mist, but the barge right across the way looked absolutely stunning and the various artificial lights mixed with the electric-blue mist and gave the whole area a beautiful pink and purple glow. I've never wanted to spend so much time staring at a big ugly boat before. :)

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