Saturday, April 28, 2012


The Lumix G3 is awesome! Anyone want mine? 
I bought the Panasonic Lumix G3 about 6 months ago or so and I really love it - the picture quality is quite wonderful, it's small and light, it's incredibly versatile, and very easy to use. Buuuut, I've decided to completely move to Nikon professional gear for client work, and I already have a full Olympus system and a full G3 system. I can't handle a third!

So I'm selling my Lumix with all the right accessories in one package: all the standard camera gear - strap, lens covers, etc, PLUS, a 32gb memory card that will hold 1400 RAW files, extra batteris, and a remote shutter cord for night time, long exposure, and bracketed (for HDR) shots.

It's in great shape! Would you like to have it?

I love the courtyard design of Seattle's US District Courthouse! My bus stops right in front of it every morning on my way to work and I get to start my day staring at some lovely design work. I went there last year to take a few shots and decided to go back a couple weeks ago and get some new views. In particular, I love these benches - they practically beg for you to take an outdoor lunch break.

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