Monday, March 26, 2012

Beautiful Briaan

Friday night was an interesting night... the guest of honor that I was shooting was a spectacular model all night long. I happened to be lucky enough to get a subject who is already comfortable ignoring a nearby camera and she's one of those super-sweet people that always has a smile on her face, so it was incredibly easy to catch her in fun moments. 

Her mannerisms have this funny little touch of grace and elegance in a way that gave me a weird paparazzi feeling like I was trying to shoot a professional model for a magazine. I kept trying to catch little compositions that I think of as something that would show the human side of a celebrity, almost. 

How weird does that sound? Creepy, right? lol 

Anyway, I happened to be standing nearby and could see her sortof getting ready to laugh and so I got my camera in focus when all of a sudden she swung around to motion for a friend to come over and I could *not* believe my luck that that tiny bit of 'being ready'-ness resulted in such a great shot! 

So of course, I had to process this shot like a magazine cover. It could be a bit too much for some people, I would totally understand, but to me, it's the perfect one-shot explanation of how the evening felt to me, so I'm not going to change it one bit. :) 

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