Saturday, February 4, 2012

Purple Sunrise

This photo was taken on a cold-cold-cold January morning in Manzanita, OR. I was joining some friends down there for a three-day weekend and it had been nothing but gray, overcast, rainy, and snowy since we arrived. 

The house I was staying out was down near town, and that morning when I looked out the window, from below the clouds everything was just icky and disgusting. I almost didn't get up because I was so certain there would be no view and no color and nothing worth photographing. Thankfully, I changed my mind, got myself up anyway and drove up a nearby mountain to see if I could get lucky with the view. I'm really happy I did since it was like a whole different world once I got up above the cloud line. That's even snow covering the mountains in the distance!

I loved how the soft pinks and purples were peeking out from above some pretty ominous clouds that looked like they are just about to take control of the whole coast. 

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