Sunday, December 18, 2011

Seattle Street Photography and Santarchy 2011

Seattle Street Photography - a Meetup group
I had a blast today hanging out with a Meetup group I recently joined - Seattle Street Photography. We met this afternoon to spend the day photographing the Christmas sights of downtown Seattle. We walked from Westlake Center down 5th Ave, over to Pike Place, and back around to Westlake. Everything was just beautiful... the weather could not have been more perfect, there was a lovely sunset, and best of all, the evening ended with Santarchy 2011! I was so pleased with all the great shots I came away with today.

I am normally really hesitant about taking candid photos - I worry that I'm going to make someone unhappy if I get caught taking their pic, and I'm usually too shy to ask. But spending the day with the SSP group was so great - There weren't so many of us that we scared off all the potential models, but there were enough of us that one person taking photos didn't really seem strange or intrusive in context.

I got some great shots today that will make excellent HDRs, but in the mean time, here are some of my favorite candids and non-hdrs of the day...

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