Sunday, November 20, 2011

Cornstalk Fence Hotel

New Orleans!
I spent a long Veteran's Day weekend visiting New Orleans for the very first time. We went all over the place - we saw plantations, the 9th Ward (the hardest-hit area of NOLA during Hurricane Katrina), the cemeteries, mansions, and of course, the French Quarter.

I was really surprised at how much energy the city had. I expected a city that had been through so much devastation would seem a little more subdued, almost beaten-down. But it wasn't like that at all, each neighborhood felt very vibrant in a different way and the people were very friendly and outgoing after I'd make the first move to smile or say 'hello'.

Cornstalk Fence Hotel
I spent my final morning in NOLA walking around the French Quarter with my camera in hand. The neighborhood is so interesting - you go just a block into the corner and it feels like you are in a whole different world. The itty-bitty streets, the French architecture, the mixture of american-style cottages, creole Townhouses and ornate ironwork balconies. It's just incredible. I couldn't believe it when I came upon this adorable little hotel tucked away between three-story buildings on both sides!

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