Saturday, October 29, 2011

Seat at the Fountain

After work yesterday, I was in the mood to just get in the car and drive somewhere new to look for some night-photography subjects. Am I the only one who takes little impromptu trips like this on a regular basis? I certainly hope not. I feel free and relaxed and happy, nothing much bothers me... I just adopt a leisurely pace and enjoy the scenery and watch for photogenic stuff. Taking these little drives is one of my very favorite things to do. I hope that other people out there indulge their whims as much as I do. Everyone should have as many of these happy little moments as they can.

Seat at the Fountain
I spent yesterday driving around on what us Seattleites call the "Eastside" - I went across I-90 to Issaquah and up through Redmond. I was driving around on some little Issaquah side roads and came across this scene in the middle of a residential area. It made me think of a little fairly tale scene of some sort. It's the little moments like these...

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