Sunday, March 25, 2012

Misty Lake

Well, Friday night I shot my first real, paying client event and it turned out GREAT. I'm having a blast working through the photos right now, and I'm really excited to share them, hopefully soon.

To be honest though, I tried really hard not to show it, but I was stressing a little bit during the event. On the tiny screen on the back of my camera, the shots were looking okay, but that never guarantees a good result. There could be twenty problems that you don't see until you're sitting at your computer with a large screen, and with no do-overs, you can see my concern.

But I shouldn't have worried, it turned out really well. I learned a number of lessons that will help me improve for future events, and in the meantime I love the shots I got out of this night.

Misty Lake
So... in honor of finally relaxing, here is one of the most serene photos of my collection. I took this one cold and grey morning in Olympia, WA and absolutely adore the peaceful feeling I get every time I pass through this shot in my portfolio.

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