Sunday, August 14, 2011

Ivy in the Evening

Five days to Hempfest! Yay! I'm stoked to be photographing the pre-work and setup this week also. It's shaping up to be a super-busy week, but definitely fun and exciting.

New Camera
Has anyone seen this new gem? The reviews are amazing, the controls and tech specs are incredible, and the price and size can't be beat. I'm sold! My camera is on order and a couple additional Micro Four Thirds lenses as well as an adapter ring for the Four Thirds lenses I currently own are in transit right now. If it's half as good as it looks, I'll be thrilled. I'm particularly excited that my current lenses can be used without any apparent loss of light. The autofocus is supposedly a little slower, but I'm so used to manual focus, I don't think it will be an issue. It's practically unheard of though to be able to throw an adapter ring on a camera without at least a full stop of light loss, so that's giving me even more confidence in the quality.

I'll be so happy if the G3 turns out to be good enough that I can phase out my full Olympus DSLR system, or at least just keep it for dedicated shooting days or special events. I've loved all of my Olympus cameras, but once you pack up multiple camera bodies, lenses, accessories and whatnot, it becomes a lot to carry around and, well, I don't. And you'll never get a good picture if you don't have your camera with you. Even with a telephoto lens, I'd be willing to carry the G3 around in my (admittedly oversized) purse at all times.

Ivy in the Evening
I went to Hempfest Staff Orientation yesterday afternoon and drove down a little Seattle back road as I was heading out and was struck by the way the sunlight was hitting the back of this beautiful building. I had to hop out of the car and grab a shot.

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