Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Courthouse Courtyard

I love architecture of all styles, and I feel like Seattle has a great mix. We've got our old stuff, our new stuff, our crazy and slightly disturbing stuff (EMP, I'm looking at you...). Seattle's a great place to walk around and take it all in.

With that said, I'm excited to have RSVP'd for a photography meetup in Pike Place Market in a few weeks. I think the concept of meetup.com is a great one - an online location to plan real-life events with people you may not know who have similar interests to your own. You just search for groups that fit your interests and RSVP for events that sound interesting to you.

I have a few photos that I took at Pike Place Market a couple years ago that I think turned out pretty well, but it's a small collection, so I think it's definitely time to go back and add to it. I think Pike Place is a great place to find interesting pictures but I always feel a little strange just walking around by myself getting in everyone's way and pissing off the vendors when I take pictures of their fruit without buying any. I think that if 19 other people are walking around with me all doing the same thing, I won't feel so self-conscious about it. Haha.

The Courthouse Courtyard
The US District Courthouse at 7th & Stewart has a lovely courtyard filled with trees and flowers, benches, a sculpture, and a lovely fountain/pond thing. The fountain is only turned on periodically, but even when it's not running, the pond and the building around it are so beautiful to me. I take the bus to work from Everett and many mornings I've watched this sight pass by and thought that I needed to bring my camera and hop off the bus to take a photo on the way to the office. I'm glad I finally took time to do it.