Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Boarded Up

I spent this past Saturday driving around Bainbridge Island and up north into Kingston, Poulsbo, and Hansville, it was such a beautiful day. I was up in Hansville at the Point no Point lighthouse around 7pm just as it started to get a little darker and the sun started heading down, and lucky me, I came just in time to see a grey whale playing around out in Puget Sound!

According to the other spectators there, he (or she, I suppose) started out very close to land earlier in the evening and then was slowly making his way farther out by the time I arrived. They said he had been there for quite a while putting on a show for the passing cruise ships and tourist boats. I assume he must have been pooped out by the time I arrived because he was just kindof splashing around flipping his tale here and there, but no longer doing any of the spectacular photo-worthy jumps. Even so, it was still very cool to watch. I can’t remember having ever seen a whale before that wasn’t at an aquarium. 

Boarded Up
Just a ways down the beach from Point No Point lighthouse, closer to the itty-bitty commercial area of Hansville, there are a number of buildings overlooking the beach that used to be businesses and guesthouses, but have become rundown and are now boarded up and blocked off. This cute little trio of former guest bunks seems like they would have been fun to stay in back in their glory days. The grass extends about 8-10 feet before becoming beach and overlooking a beautiful view of the Sound and Whidbey Island. What a perfect place to sit and watch whales play!

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