Sunday, April 8, 2012

A Morning at Gothberg Farms

A couple of weekends ago, Rhonda Gothberg was kind enough to invite me up to her farm in Bow, WA. She has a herd of goats and runs a goat farm and creamery that produces some of the most stunning goat cheese you could possibly imagine - well-known varieties like chevre, gouda, and parmesan as well as a number of specialty varieties that receive rave reviews from anyone who tastes them - and she makes a super-thick amazing yogurt that is absolutely to-die-for.

I met Rhonda a few years ago at the Everett Farmers Market and fell in love with her and her cheese. I've wanted to go visit for quite a while now, but circumstances just never lined up quite right on my end. Finally decided I wasn't willing to put it off any more. I drove up there a couple weekends ago and spent the morning visiting her happy little goats and learning about what she does.

Let me tell you, this woman is amazing. She does practically every job on the farm. She may have an employee here or there, but she's the one on site for 3am births, daily feedings, and every weekend and holiday no matter what else she may want to do.

When I started looking through my photos, there were a couple I had taken of her that, to me, captured a feeling of part strength, part resilience, part other-things-I-can't-find-the-right-words-for-but-are-so-fitting. I couldn't wait to share them. And of course show off a baby goat or two...

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