Sunday, October 16, 2011

Overcoming Fears

While I was in Olympia, WA, last weekend, the friend I was staying with took me to Tumwater Falls Park for a bit of a photo walk. As we were making our way around, I came across this pair also walking the trail with a group of friends.

Overcoming Fears
I'm normally incredibly shy and self-conscious around people I don't know, and there have been a few times now that I've come across people I really wanted to photograph, but couldn't work up the nerve to ask before it was too late and the moment had passed. I've regretted those missed photos and have been working hard to try and get over this fear. When I saw these two, they just looked so photogenic, there was no way I could go on without asking if I could take a photo first. I'm so glad I asked because I absolutely loved the resulting shots!

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