Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Going... and going... and going...

I've been giving the Energizer Bunny a run for his money the last few weeks. I've been housesitting, traveling, photographing, fussing over my poor car, happy houring and dinnering with friends, spending time with family, and sleeping very little.

I've spent the past three weeks housesitting in downtown Seattle and have had a blast! I live out in the hinterlands an hour away from Seattle and city atmosphere is so different, especially at night - it's lively and vibrant and colorful. I walked all over the city taking photos and enjoying the feel.

Then, this past weekend, I went directly from housesitting in Seattle to spending the weekend with a friend in Olympia, WA. Olympia is different from Seattle in a big way - at night, it is incredibly dark.

I love night photography and was looking forward to doing some in Olympia, but had a hard time finding good subjects. Of course,  I got some of the great, ubiquitous shots of the Capital Building, which I look forward to sharing soon, but aside from that, there is very little light in the city. Street lights are small, dim, and sparse, advertising and business lights are well contained, and without a lot of light from the streets, there is very little light reflecting off the clouds. And it's hard to photograph darkness!

Nevertheless, I got a bunch of great shots, both day and night. I'm so excited to start working my way through them and posting my results here.

Lights over the Lake
On Saturday morning, we woke up super early and drove to the Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge for some sunrise photography. There were all kinds of interesting things to see and photograph, and the light was absolutely beautiful as the sun came up. As we were walking into the park there was a little lake off to the right, and when I turned around, the lights of the Visitor's Center were very inviting against the cold trees and the blue pre-sunrise mist.

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