Monday, September 5, 2011

Union Station

How would you like to work here? 
I work in a fabulous old converted train station in downtown Seattle (appropriate, since my employer is the Regional Transit Authority). It's an absolutely gorgeous building. It's been wonderfully restored and the upper floors have been converted to office space.

Union Station
A friend brought her camera to work this week and I joined her while she took photos of the main hall. We went back and forth taking turns playing with her camera, trying different compositions and settings, bouncing ideas off of each other, etc., I had a lot of fun! These are a few of my compositions, taken with her Nikon.

This was just some quick and dirty processing - these photos have problems, like the dirt and halo-ing in the windows, but I have some other photos of the building on a different day when the light was much better that I would rather save my time and effort for.

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