Saturday, August 6, 2011

Terminal Sunset

In two weeks I will get to be a staff photographer at Seattle Hempfest 2011! Hempfest is the biggest lifestyle festival/badass concert/political rally that happens in the United States centering around legalizing marijana. It's a 3-day festival held every year in Seattle that features awesome bands on multiple stages, local and national celebrities, local and regional politicians, and more. Whether or not you agree with the cause or find the whole thing morally palpable, it is an AMAZING opportunity for all kinds of interesting photos.

Being a staff photographer comes with a huge perk - unlimited access to the whole event. You get to be on stage with the bands, behind the scenes with the celebrities, in the hidden lounges and enclaves with the politicians. Everywhere. No restrictions.

(I fully intend to get a photo of some celebrity getting an improper blowjob that I can sell to the tabloids and retire on... Rick Steves, you better behave yourself! haha)

The most exciting part of the event for me, is the chance to dramatically expand my portfolio in a whole different direction from what I'm used to. I love taking candid shots of people, but I almost never do it because I feel like a creepy child molester-type wierdo that's surreptitiously taking photos from dark corners. Well, I don't actually feel like that, I but I feel like that's what other people think of me, and it makes me really self conscious.

The chance to get out and take shots of people in an official staff capacity (and with a staff T-shirt and ID) where I feel totally legit and non-creepy is a HUGE deal for me. I'm super-excited and I fully intend to make the most of it and get some awesome, up-close-and-personal shots.

P.S. I love you Rick!

Terminal Sunset
This shot was recently taken from the beach in Edmonds, WA overlooking the Edmonds Ferry Terminal. I didn't get too lucky with the clouds, but at least the colors were gorgeous.

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