Thursday, July 28, 2011

Monochrome City

A day to feel good about myself!
As much as I wish I didn't have to have a day job, I do. I work for the Board of Directors of a public transportation agency and even though the day-to-day work has it's ups and downs like every job, I love the fact that I go to work each day for an agency who's mission I truly support and believe in.

My agency is currently working hard to expand light rail and other transportation options in the Puget Sound region and today was the biggest and most important Board meeting I have experienced thus far - our Board of Directors made some huge decisions and adopted the alignment of the largest light rail project our agency is currently building.

It was an absolutely exhausting day... unless you've worked in a political/legislative environment you would never understand all the hard labor and background work that goes into accomplishing decisions like these. Everything from (accurately) writing all of the actual legislative documents, incorporating all sorts of last minute changes and amendments, getting all the materials and paperwork prepared, and then actually running the meeting itself. It may not sounds like much, but it's a lot. And it's hard!

But, as big as today was, we pulled it off successfully and I'm feeling great about myself and my abilites!! Funny thing is, feeling good about myself work-wise makes me want to come home and start processing on photos (I assume because photos also make me feel great and I want to continue the high or something... ?)

I learn something new every single time I process a new photo. I never think my photos are that great (except for that Pier 66 one. I'll admit... I'm pretty darn proud of it). I'm always noticing the mistakes and the little details I don't like. But at the same time, I work to figure out exactly how to fix the flaw for next time and then I get excited to go out and shoot more knowing that my next round of photos will be even better than the last.

Monochrome City
With all that said, this photo gets me really excited because it definitely has some flaws, imperfections, and shortfalls. But now that I've processed it all the way through, I know what I want to do differently to improve for the next time and I'm really excited to go back out shooting in downtown Seattle tomorrow evening and try again.

Wish me luck! :)

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