Sunday, July 17, 2011

Blue Glass

A bit of a sideways day
Well, I was all ready for my photography meetup today, had just made it to downtown Seattle and was looking for a parking space when I got a call from my roommate that our apartment had started flooding from the apartment above us. Our upstairs neighbor wasn't home and there were some issues trying to reach the emergency maintenance staff so we ended up just calling the fire department to come break into the apartment, turn the water off, and find the cause of the leak. Turned out a pipe had broken and was just puring full-blast into to the apartment.

So, I decided to bail on the meetup since I didn't want to be on the phone dealing with the mess the whole time and ruining it for everyone else. However, it turned out alright because it was a gray, drizzly icky day in Seattle anyway, not a great one for photography. I ended up coming home, put some fun, right-brain music on in the headphones and just chilled on the couch working on photos for the afternoon while the water-removal guys worked their magic. All-in-all things could have been much worse.

With that said, I definitely look forward to joining in on a different photography meetup sometime soon.

Blue Glass

Tacoma, WA is a pretty major city just south of Seattle, but even though I've lived barely an hour away for the last decade, I had never actually been there until recently. What a cute place it is! It's a large city, but it has a very quaint, small-town type city center, some beautiful residential neighborhoods and fun little waterfront that looks like a fabulous place for a daily drive or dog-walk. In addition to all that, it's also home to the Museum of Glass and the wonderful Chihuly Bridge of Glass adorned with incredible Chihuly glasswork such as the Crystal Towers captured here.

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