Thursday, June 12, 2014

Colorful Kirkjufellsfoss

I recently returned from my second trip to Iceland (if you haven't been there yet, you must go). The first was back in the fall of 2012 and the country was simply stunning; I was planning my return trip before the first was even over. This time around I decided I'd go in the springtime in order to see the baby sheep, get a more colorful landscape than the endless brown of fall, and take advantage of the never-totally-dark nights.

In late May, the sun sets around 11pm and rises again around 2 am. The soft light and gorgeous colors of sunset and sunrise seemingly go on for hours and absolutely make the landscape glow. It could not be more beautiful.

Colorful Kirkjufellsfoss
Out of sight to the right of this frame is a well-known little mountain called Kirkjufell. A very popular photo composition is a shot of this waterfall, Kirkjufellfoss, with the mini mountain in the background, and of course I got my version too and will share it one day. However, I really enjoy going to well-known locations and seeing if I can find a slightly different or lesser known view of my own, and this is what I came up with here. If this photo location doesn't look recognizable to you, then I am a happy artist.